Akedo Starter Pack Kick Attack



Prepare for battle with the Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Starter Pack – Kick Attack. This special pack gives you all you need to play the official tournament rules of Akedo.

  • Train your Warriors to be their best and practice using the bonus Rotary Dummy.
  • It’s perfect for getting your Warriors match ready as they perfect the ultimate Split Strike.

The Starter Pack includes three Arcade Warriors! 

  • Each figure is a Legendary Warrior with a realistic kicking or punching action who can deliver a Split Strike with his powerful blow.
  • Place your Warriors on your Exclusive Joystick Controller that only comes in this pack and train your team for next-level battling action!

Kick Attack Starter Pack contains 3 x figures, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x joystick controller, 1 x training equipment.

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Akedo Starter Pack Kick Attack