Batman Dark Nights: Metal – Batman: The Drowned Statue


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Rocking into our world from the pages of DARK NIGHTS: METAL comes a nightmarish fusion of a gender-flipped Batman and Aquaman-the Drowned. Bryce Wayne came from Earth-11 and harbored a deep hatred of the Atlanteans for their role in the death of her beloved, Sylvester Kyle. In a quest to avenge Kyle, she spliced her DNA with that of Atlanteans, becoming a super-powered Dark Knight capable of breathing and fighting underwater. This carefully detailed statue highlights the unique character design of this mashup, as the Drowned has her own trident and cape, and sports the flowing hair of a submerged and vengeful Dark Knight.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered 
•  Figures measure approximately 7″ tall

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Batman Dark Nights: Metal – Batman: The Drowned Statue