Battlestar Galactica Official Ships Collection Baseship (TOS)


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With its range of powerful weapons, Cylon fleet and shielding capabilities, the Cylon Baseship proved an ominous opponent for Colonial Warriors and is the next instalment in Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection.

In the Seventh Millennia of recorded history, the Cylon Alliance destroyed the Twelve Worlds of Man. Key to their power was their fleet of Baseships. The double saucer-shaped Baseship of the Cylon Alliance was a warship of immense proportions, crewed by Centurion troops under the ultimate command of the Imperious Leader.

The magazine features an in-depth look at the ship, its history plus concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s stunning designs.

Ages 14 and up.

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Battlestar Galactica Official Ships Collection Baseship (TOS)