Bayala Decorated Pegasus Stallion Collectible Figure


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There are lots of magical creatures in Bayala, but most of them are very shy and you can only catch a glimpse of them if you’re very lucky. Arguably the most beautiful animals are the unicorns and the flying horses like this gorgeous Decorated Pegasus Stallion Collectible Figure, complete with rhinestone decoration. Wouldn’t you like to fly with him? 

In a glade in the forest, not far from the elf town of Soleyas, lives very special family – a Pegasus, a unicorn mare, and her young. When the magnificent Pegasus spreads his shimmering wings and soars into the sky, you can see what a truly majestic creature he is. Elves often stop by, comb his glistening mane, and decorate him with flowers… and he loves the attention! He now spends all day protecting his little foal and slowly teaching him how to fly.

Ages 5-12



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Bayala Decorated Pegasus Stallion Collectible Figure