DC Arkham Asylum 3 Figure Box Batman / Harley / Joker


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“The Man Who Broke the Bat’. Time to reveal the exciting news! Batman Arkham Asylum Figurine Collection proudly presents the special edition of the incredible Bane Arkham Asylum Figurine from the remarkable legacy of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This fantastic Bane Figurine has been handcrafted in a 1/16th scale ready to cause unimaginable destruction. The Bane Arkham Asylum Figurine presents Bane strapped with tubes filled with venom, directly pumped into his head and skin to keep him from experiencing bad side effects. Bane is also wearing torn up trousers with heavy weights attached around his ankles.

The Bane Figurine comes with a 12-page glossy magazine packed with in-depth information of how Bane transformed into a monster after his notoriously brutal experience in Pena Duro Prison.

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DC Arkham Asylum 3 Figure Box Batman / Harley / Joker