DC Batman Decades – Batman 2000s Figurine


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Figurine measures about 5 Inches tall. 

As the new millennium dawned, Batman Modern Age 2000s was ready to meet a changing world!

The Dark Knight entered a new Millennium in an unassailable position being a cultural icon all over the world with a wide range of graphic novels being the bestsellers. In the new decade, the emphasis turned on to the character interplay and nuanced storytelling. The 2000s tested the Dark Knight with the debut of Hush, the return of Jason Todd, the arrival of Damian Wayne, and the death of Batman!

This Batman Modern Age 2000s Figurine was inspired by a classic costume that debuted in Detective Comics #742. His impressive physique is equally matched by his powerful mind and his pouch-laden Utility Belt is filled with all the necessary tools to solve any mystery or case.

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DC Batman Decades – Batman 2000s Figurine