DC Batman Universe Poison Ivy Bust with Magazine


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A scientist, an environmentalist, a criminal and a killer. Poison Ivy may look beautiful, but you shouldn’t get too close to either! She is a complicated woman and a constant thorn in Batman’s side.This Poison Ivy Bust shows the femme fatale at her menacing best and based on her role in Gotham City Sirens, the series that added a whole new dimension to Poison Ivy. She runs her green-skinned hands through her famous red cascading locks and wears her green bodice made from foliage, with her smouldering pale green eyes and crimson lips.In the accompanying 16-page magazine we take a look at the publishing history of the eco-warrior, villain and occasional hero, three essential tales of Poison Ivy are revealed and explore her deadly debut in Batman #181.


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DC Batman Universe Poison Ivy Bust with Magazine