Dr. Who Time Lord series – Borusa and Romana


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We continue bringing the most notorious Time Lords to our Doctor Who Figurines Collection with this new Borusa & Romana Time Lords Set!

The new Time Lords box set unites two influential Time Lords: Borusa and Romana. Once a tutor at the Time Lord Academy, Borusa tutored Gallifrey’s brightest minds – the Doctor and the Master included – and used his position to manipulate Time Lord politics with total cynicism. Stubborn and proud, he had a complex relationship with the Doctor – one that collapsed entirely when he descended into madness, forcing five of the Doctor’s previous incarnations to combine forces.

Romanadvoratrelundar – or Romana for short – was among the Fourth Doctor’s most famous companions. Haughty and aristocratic, Romana was assigned to watch over the Doctor. Romana made her debut in 1978, played by Mary Tamm, though she would regenerate into a new incarnation after one season.

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    Dr. Who Time Lord series – Borusa and Romana