Dr. Who Time Lord series – The Monk & The Master


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This second Doctor Who Time Lords box set brings together (literally) timeless characters from planet Gallifrey in our Doctor Who Figurines Collection!

The new Time Lords box set unites two infamous renegade Time Lords – The Master and the Monk. The Master is the Doctor’s bitterest nemesis, portrayed here in his final appearance before the series’ modern revival, in Doctor Who: The Movie. Eric Roberts, who portrayed the Master, is magnificent in these traditional Gallifreyan robes – in his own words, “I always dress for the occasion!”

The Monk, portrayed by Peter Butterworth, was the first Time Lord to meet the Doctor on his adventures, and the show’s first recurring individual villain. The two Time Lords first met while the Monk was meddling in the Battle of Hastings – only for the Doctor to leave him stranded in 1066!

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    Dr. Who Time Lord series – The Monk & The Master