FLEXO Free Play Inventor Set Brights Trampoline


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 Inventors are innovators. They’re the ones who step across the line and dare to be the first to try something. The Inventor Set is perfect for testing out possibilities, learning new techniques and showing the boundaries who’s boss! Available in our Brights or Neutrals Palettes, you have all the colours of the Flexo rainbow available to you as well as all four Brick shapes. Let your inner inventor loose!Discover an all new world of possibilities with the Flexo Inventor Set Brights. Compatible with all major brick brands, the only thing holding you back is your imagination! Whether you’re building something from the ground up with Flexo or using the bricks and tendons to enhance some of your other brick creations, you’ll find everything you need in this set to truly develop your creative skills. But be warned: once you discover the endless possibilities of flexible play, there’s no going back. Welcome to the world of a flexillion possibilities!

Includes 815 Pieces:

  • 200x Flexo Bricks in our Brights Palette – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange. Split evenly across our four shapes Equilateral Triangle, Circle (2×2 round with axle hole), Square (2×2), and Rectangle (2×4)
  • 2x Standard Tendon Sheet (600 Tendons)
  • Flexo Multitool
  • Inspiration Page 

Ages 7+

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FLEXO Free Play Inventor Set Brights Trampoline