Horror Heroes 1:16 Figurines – Annabelle (Annabelle Comes Home)



She’s coming home… A demonically-possessed Raggedy Ann doll, Annabelle first appeared in The Conjuring, where the little porcelain monster proved terrifying enough to warrant her own film series, exploring the doll’s tragic origins, and the dark fates of those who sought to keep her caged…

This Annabelle model sits perched atop her chair, in the white dress from Annabelle Comes Home (2019). Demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren kept Annabelle hidden in their artifacts room, locked away in a sacred glass case. It didn’t last – the doll was able to ensnare a young girl into setting her free, and soon unleashed the other prisoners of the Warren’s collection…

Ages 17+

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    Horror Heroes 1:16 Figurines – Annabelle (Annabelle Comes Home)