Mego Action Figure 8 Inch The Fly


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Please note: There are 2 versions of this figure, one with a red tie and one with a blue tie. Unless requested, we will ship them in random, so the item you get may not match the photos (Photos show the red tie version). If you wish to get a specific color, please let us know and we will try to accommodate based on what we have in stock. 

André Delambre, a brilliant research scientist has just found an amazing discovery. Using machines to instantaneously transfer matter from one location to another through space, when André tries the experiment on himself, a tiny housefly enters the transmitter pod with him, and he emerges from the receiver with his head and arm switched with that of the insect.

Official Edition Action Figure with Original Detail and Quality! 8-inch figure, 14 point articulation.  

Ages 17+

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Mego Action Figure 8 Inch The Fly