My Little Pony Magical Salon Ponies – Pinkie Pie


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Ponies love to give their friends advice on the latest pony fashions and manestyles. Each of the My Little Pony Magical Salon Ponies has her signature hair with a Magical Salon twist: highlights and a clip-in hair extension!

Little fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television series can imagine they are manestylists at a magical salon in Ponyville. Use the light-up wand to stamp colorful designs onto Rarity pony’s mane or tail, and use the included hair accessories to give her a fun or silly hairdo!

This pretty pony toy has long, soft hair kids can brush with the included comb. Curl her hair or put it in a bun using the included accessories to imagine Ponyville’s most stylish fashion designer is getting ready to show off the outfits she designed in her boutique! 

Ages 3 and up.

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My Little Pony Magical Salon Ponies – Pinkie Pie