Pottery Cool Clay Studio


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Easily sculpt endless possibilities with the Pottery Cool Clay Studio! This innovative studio makes crafting and designing clay projects incredibly easy and fun for kids to do. Simply place a clay disk onto the turntable, gently spray it with water, and watch it spin and take shape in your hands! Pottery Cool Clay Studio’s unique design helps you create perfectly shaped pottery by letting gravity do the work for you. And once air-dried, the creativity really begins! With multiple sculpting tools and 10 brightly colored metallic paints, you can quickly customize each creation for a truly unique look. It’s pottery made easy! 

The Pottery Cool Clay Studio comes with everything you need to start right away. Create 6 beautiful projects, including a jewelry holder, a puppy picture holder, a turtle dish, a smartphone speaker, a cupcake pencil holder, and a pencil topper. Discover a whole new way to create with clay with the Pottery Cool Clay Studio!


  1. 1 Cool Maker Pottery Studio
  2. 1 Spray Bottle
  3. 1 Tool Holder
  4. 4 Clay Disks (2.2 Lbs)
  5. 1 Pain Brush
  6. 2 Sculpting Tools
  7. 2 Coring Tools
  8. 2 Cores
  9. 2 Sleeves
  10. 10 Colors of paint (10 x 5 ml)
  11. 1 Playbook

Ages 6+

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Pottery Cool Clay Studio