Star Trek: Gorn 14-inch Mego Action Figure



Mego is proud to continue its storied history with the famed Star Trek brand by bringing the iconic humanoid, reptilian, Gorn captain to action figure collectors and Trek fans alike! The Gorn beams his way up to the Megoverse for the first time ever in the 14” format!

The Gorn captain, a powerful, formidable adversary is pitted against Kirk by the Metrons in a battle to the death – “I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick.” Who will win the trial by combat?

Mego is taking its classic style to the next level with the all-new 14” Gorn action figure. The Gorn is outfitted in his screen-accurate tunic and accessories as seen in the 1967 episode of Star Trek, “Arena”. Boldly go where no Mego Collector has gone before!

  • Licensed character
  • Original Detail and Quality!
  • 14-point articulation

Collect them all!

Ages 17+

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Star Trek: Gorn 14-inch Mego Action Figure