WETA Workshop Exclusive Mini Epics – Labyrinth (1986) – Sarah and The Worm (AE Exclusive)


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Exclusive design! Weta Workshop MINI EPICS: cool and quirky vinyl figures from the world of film, television, gaming, and beyond!

Super-stylised and ultra-expressive, this cast of characters was created by Weta Workshop’s collectibles team, a dedicated crew of artists, technicians, craftspeople, and producers, all relishing the chance to distil oodles of personality into a small EPIC package.

The results speak for themselves. That knowing sparkle in those eyes; you didn’t think it got there by accident, do you? Tilt your head a little to the left and you might just catch a wink.

Endlessly collectible. Totally adorable. These pint-sized figures have BIG personalities.

We might not know our way through the Labyrinth, but that won’t stop us from bringing you more Mini Epics!

On a quest to celebrate Jim Henson’s 80’s classics, our Mini Epic masterminds Mauro Santini and Jorgelina Yeme, have 3D sculpted your favourite cast of characters from Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

In the Labyrinth, some creatures help while others will hinder. Luckily our Mini Epics are more than happy to help, so why not invite a few in for a cuppa tea? Make it a real party by adding Jareth and Ludo too!

Sarah and The Worm – Limited Edition, joins our rapidly expanding MINI EPICS family. Collect them all!

  • Mini Epics: premium vinyl collectibles, stylized and designed by artists of film
  • Sarah is presented in Mini Epic form, holding William the Worm, as depicted in Labyrinth (1986)
  • Pair with Jareth The Goblin King & Ludo
  • Approximately 1:10th scale

Ages 14 and up.

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WETA Workshop Exclusive Mini Epics – Labyrinth (1986) – Sarah and The Worm (AE Exclusive)